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WU is not accredited in any country. But all universities and courses are accredited by their respective countries highly. Therefore, the holders of degrees of WU can find jobs internationally in any country of the world. 


We hope this academy will be the first "Digital University" of the future.


Our intention is not to make a profit at all. Every service is free. But universities, where you will take courses, may charge some small fees for ID verification etc. Some may require some fee in the future, too. 


WU is not responsible for the actions of the universities where you take courses. Any question regarding the delivery of courses must be solved with the university involved.


ONLINE courses by top universities are not easy. It requires very serious hard work. You should take at most 2 courses at any time. Each course requires at least 10 hours work per week. To take the courses, you do not need to have a high school diploma at all. Anybody can get courses.​

This organization has been invented by Muvaffak Gözaydın, dedicated to top online degree programs for the last 20 years.
Who is Muvaffak Gözaydın?


Graduated from Technical University of Istanbul, Turkey with BA+MS combined degree.


Worked for State Planning Organization in Turkey reporting to Prime Ministry.


Graduate Work at California Institute of Technology and worked as Research Assistant, done research for Japanese Government in 1962-1963.


Received an MSME from Stanford University in 1963-1964.


Received an MSIE from Stanford University in 1964-1965.


Received an MSEE from Stanford University in 1965-1968. Hewlett-Packard Co, Palo Alto, California financed this MS.


Worked as Electronic Design Engineer at Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto in 1965-1970.


Worked as advisor of Undersecretary of State Planning Organisation, Mr. Turgut ÖZAL who became later Prime Minister of Turkey and also President of Turkey in 1970-1972.


Taught Systems Theory and System Design at Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey, in 1970-1972.


Worked as vice president of Industrial Group, KOC HOLDING Co. TURKEY in 1972-1975. Turnover $50 billion, 100.000 employees 


Worked as vice president of BEKO TEKNIK Co. Manufacturing Electronic Goods in 1975-1983. Set up a complete plant from zero to $50 million sales in Turkey.


Worked as president of BEKO TEKNIK Co. Manufacturing Electronic Goods in 1983-1995. TV sets, video recorders, cash registers, sales went to $1 billion. Employees 3.000, biggest R&D facilities. Investment made is $500 million in Turkey.


Worked as general manager of Turkish Education Foundation (After retirement) in 1996-1999. Built the first Education Parks with computers in 10 locations of Turkey each costing $1 million. Around 1 million children used the facilities in 3 years.


Founded his own company to promote online courses of Cornell University and Stanford University in Turkey, 1999. Since 2010 he is now a volunteer to provide free education to 8 billion people all around the world. Investigated online for the last 22 years.


See his website from the link at 


He had been a member of the Babson College European Executive Board 1995-2008.


He has been a Trustee of Education Foundation in Turkey from 1995 to present.

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