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MA in Economics

In order to get a Master Degree from World University, you must successfully complete 10 courses.

You can select them one by one, one after another or you may want to take breaks between courses.

To register for a course you wish to take:

1. Find the course on the list below.

2. Click on the University name.

3. A list of courses provided by that university will appear.

4. Find the course you wish to register in that list.

5. Click on the name of the course.

6. Follow the instructions to register the course.

7. After registration to the course go to "Operations", and inform us by "submit courses" button.

8. When you complete the course and get your certificate from the university go to "Operations" and inform us by "submit certificates" button.

The Best of the Best 40 courses for MA in Economics

(Available worldwide by top universities)

  1. Macroeconomic Principles - Arizona State University

  2. Principles of Economics with Calculus - California Institute of Technology

  3. Pricing Options with Math Skills - California Institute of Technology

  4. Networks, Crowds, Markets - Cornell University

  5. Common Sense Economics for Life - Florida State University

  6. Development Economics - George Mason University

  7. Great Economists: Classical Economics and Its Forerunners - George Mason University

  8. International Trade - George Mason University

  9. Principles of Economics, Microeconomics - George Mason University

  10. Principles of Economics, Macroeconomics - George Mason University

  11. Past, Present, Future of Federal Reserve - George Washington University

  12. Globalization`s Winners and Losers - Georgetown University

  13. Games without Chance - Georgia Institute of Technology

  14. Principles of Obesity Economics - Johns Hopkins University

  15. Just Money, Banking as if Society Mattered - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT

  16. Designing and Running Randomized Evaluations - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT

  17. Microeconomics - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT

  18. Foundations of Development Policy - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT

  19. Challenges of Global Poverty - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT

  20. From Poverty to Prosperity - Oxford University

  21. Complexity of Economics - Santa Fe Institute

  22. America`s Poverty Course - Stanford University

  23. Game Theory II, Advanced Applications - Stanford University

  24. Economics I, Principles of Economics - Stanford University

  25. Social and Economic Networks - Stanford University

  26. Game Theory - Stanford University

  27. Power of Macroeconomics, Economic Principles - University of California, Irvine

  28. Power of Microeconomics, Economic Principles - University of California, Davis

  29. Country Level Economics, Policies, Institutes - University of Illinois, Urbana

  30. Country Level Economics, Macroeconomics - University of Illinois, Urbana

  31. Firm Level Economics, Consumer and Producer Behavior - University of Illinois, Urbana

  32. Firm Level Economics - University of Illinois, Urbana

  33. Microeconomics, Power of Markets - University of Pennsylvania

  34. Microeconomics When Markets Fall - University of Pennsylvania

  35. Power of Markets I - University of Rochester

  36. Power of Markets II - University of Rochester

  37. Power of Markets III - University of Rochester

  38. Welcome to Game Theory - University of Tokyo

  39. Global Markets and Personal Impacts - University of Washington

  40. Policy Lessons from South Korea Development - World Bank


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