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MBA in Finance

In order to get a Master Degree from World University, you must successfully complete 10 courses.

You can select them one by one, one after another or you may want to take breaks between courses.

To register for a course you wish to take:

1. Find the course on the list below.

2. Click on the University name.

3. A list of courses provided by that university will appear.

4. Find the course you wish to register in that list.

5. Click on the name of the course.

6. Follow the instructions to register the course.

7. After registration to the course go to "Operations", and inform us by "submit courses" button.

8. When you complete the course and get your certificate from the university go to "Operations" and inform us by "submit certificates" button.

The Best of the Best 40 courses for MBA in Finance

(Available worldwide by top universities)

  1. Finance - Columbia University

  2. Finance of Retirement - Duke University

  3. Statistics and Research - George Mason University

  4. Behavioral Finance - Georgia Institute of Technology

  5. International Finance - Harvard University

  6. Computational Investing, Part1 - Harvard University

  7. Business Accounting Basics - Purdue University

  8. Personal Finance - Purdue University

  9. Global Financial Markets - Rice University

  10. Finance for Non-Finance Professionals - Rice University

  11. Biases and Portfolio Selections - Rice University

  12. Portfolio Selections and Risk Management - Rice University

  13. Stocks and Bonds - Stanford University

  14. Managerial Accounting - Stanford University

  15. Finance for Non-Finance Professionals - Stanford University

  16. Budgeting and Scheduling Projects - University of California, Irvine

  17. Personal and Family Financial Planning - University of California, Irvine

  18. Portfolio and Risk Management - University of Florida

  19. Financial Accounting, Advanced Topics - University of Geneva

  20. Corporate Finance II - University of Illinois, Urbana

  21. Financial Accounting - University of Illinois, Urbana

  22. Understanding Financial Statements - University of Illinois, Urbana

  23. Managerial Accounting, Business Decisions - University of Illinois, Urbana

  24. Financial Planning for Young Adults - University of Illinois, Urbana

  25. Investments II - University of Illinois, Urbana

  26. Corporate Finance I - University of Illinois, Urbana

  27. Financial Engineering, Risk Management - University of Illinois, Urbana

  28. Principles of Valuations - University of Illinois, Urbana

  29. Financial Markets - University of Michigan

  30. Valuation, Alternative Methods - University of Michigan

  31. Valuing Projects and Companies - University of Michigan

  32. More About Financial Accounting - University of Michigan

  33. Accounting Analytics - University of Pennsylvania

  34. Introduction to Financial Accounting - University of Pennsylvania

  35. Accounting and Finance for Managers - University of Pennsylvania

  36. Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examinations - Vanderbilt University

  37. Introduction to Corporate Finance - West Virginia University

  38. The Global Financial Crises - Wharton School of U. of Pennsylvania

  39. Financial Markets - Yale University

  40. Statistics and Research - Yale University


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