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I Appeal to 8 Billion People of the World

I believe that education is the solution for every problem in the World. In an educated World There will be peace, no wars There will be love and respect for all mankind There will be no pollution, no climate change, no water contamination, Everyone will have clean shelter, food, and clothes, Everyone will be healthy, All schools will be creative, creating new knowledge and wisdom.

All these are going to be possible if we can educate 8 billion people from cradle to grave.

It is possible by technology and innovation.

Required Technologies are:

1. Low-cost internet to 8 billion people 2. Low-cost tablets, powered by solar energy, 3. All preschool, K12, higher education online now, better later, Courses may be 100.000 or so, developed by the best schools of the World only.

It is simple.

Here I provide the higher education portion of this GLOBAL PROJECT. 700 best higher education institutions of the World are providing 7.000 online courses. Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Yale, Berkeley, Princeton, Oxford, Duke, University of Pennsylvania included. Most of the courses are free.

If you prove to us you have completed successfully 10 courses selected we provide you a Master Degree Diploma. We are not accredited. We do not need to be accredited either. But you take all courses from highly accredited universities in the World. And those courses and universities are all going to be listed on your diploma. So it is going to be much easier to find jobs anywhere in the World.

These courses from top universities are not easy at all. Only one course requires 10-15 hours work per week. Please be aware of that.

If you have any problem with any university please solve your problems with the university. We have no authority over schools.

This is an invitation to 8 billion people of the World. Please inform your friends, families, and everybody so that they can be educated free by the best universities of the World.

Any questions? Please feel free to send me an email.

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